A Little Bit Off the Page…

A Little Bit Off the Page

Off the Page writing group’s third anthology, edited by RJ Minnick. For this book, members present six original short stories.

  • Mark is not a little kid anymore. He’s growing up fast. He and his friends must learn a powerful lesson about bullying on Henry’s Hill.
  • Rain escapes an abusive relationship, fleeing to a new home and a friendship among the Ravens that live nearby. Will she rebuild a new life for herself, or will her past come back to hurt her?
  • Colista has made some serious mistakes in her life, most of which involve men who don’t have her best interests at heart. Will she overcome her bad choices to find real love?
  • Edie has always been second best in every rodeo event her father enters her in. When she accidentally walks through a portal from 1888 to our time, will she find a way to come out on top in rodeo—and in love?
  • Kingsleigh’s whole world is her friend Bennett. But will her world collapse when Bennett’s family tries to keep them apart?

Read all these stories in

Off the Page anthology #3

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