Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boat mysteries

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Where the Bodies Lie Buried

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Published:  2016

When Mackenzie Russell Wilder returns home to take over Dr. Kesselman’s practice, she expects to spend her time taking care of patients and relaxing on the Hudson River in her classic Chris Craft runabout. But skeletons uncovered on the old family farm seem to dictate otherwise. Residents of Kings Hill and New York State Troopers think her father had something to do with those skeletons. As bad as her renegade father was, Mackenzie never thought he’d kill anyone. Now she’s not so sure.


Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever

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 Published: 2016

When Jason Fields and Mackenzie Wilder discover the dead body of the man responsible for Jason no longer writing country music lying in a conference room at his Research and Design facility, they know they didn’t have anything to do with it. But Jason’s past involvement with this particular country music family leads authorities to think otherwise. It takes Mackenzie Wilder’s faith in her friend and the staunch support of the dead man’s sister to uncover “what Tyler did to get hisself killed.” From upstate New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, Las Vegas to Nashville, the deaths and confusion mount.

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Flying Purple People Seater

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Published:  2018

It’s no big deal for Dorsey Wegman to agree to fetch one of Mackenzie Wilder’s new boats. She takes on lots of small jobs for her friends, especially if they can pay well like the Doc. But this one has gone loopy.The boat that was supposed to be ready for the water, isn’t. The boatwright that was supposed to work on the boat is missing. And …“…Doc? There’s a dead woman on board your boat. The police have impounded it, and I can’t leave until they have a handle on what’s going on. They’ll be calling you in about a half hour, they said. Doc, what should I do?”