Getting started….again

I said to people,  “Sometimes, when a building is riddled with structural problems, you just have to burn  it to the ground, and build a new one.”

Well, here I am, building.

The shortest version of what happened is that while in the midst of re-organizing my on-line presence, I learned that my base site – which was tied to just about everything I put on-line that isn’t social media – had become disastrously infected with malware. To the point of being irreparable. Too difficult for me to do and too expensive for me to hire done.  Since I was going to be re-designing everything anyway, I’ve taken the opportunity my husband pondered this might be, and now I am going for a re-branding. (I sometimes hate that word, but it applies here.)

Over the next I-don’t-know-how-long period of time, you will find me in new places on newly-designed pages. I am keeping Finding Robin’s Story. This incident is actually on-topic here, because the whole effort involved was to re-focus my material on my books and writing. It’s something you have to do as a writer, self- or traditionally published.

But my old web materials will be gone, for the most part. There will be archives here of some material, and, I  hope, lots of brand new conversations. You’ll be invited to participate, and to find and reach out to me anywhere you find me, whether it be as family, friend, reader or fellow writer. I hope to see you soon. Don’t stop looking for me.

Hint: find me at Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boatsfor one.

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