It’s been a Long, Long Time

It would be nice to blame my long absence on COVID-19. After all, everyone understands how it has disrupted lifetimes, styles, pursuits. The world is not what was at the time of my last post.

However, the hiatus has been a symptom of something more. Cultural and political change in this country (the US) have given many of us pause for thought. In fact, for a lot of thought. In times of peril we move to aid in fixing what has gone wrong. Crisis demands our attention and other, even lifelong, pursuits languish. So it is with writing. When your voice is needed, or when you’re required to use it in different venues than usual, the usual suffers.

Well, the crises are not exactly over. Our society is still in turmoil and unrest. There is no real telling when – or even if – it will settle down. While I fully intend to continue to raise my social action voice as needed, I am also returning to my work, perhaps to undertake things in a different way. We each seek out our new version of normal. For me it is a return to projects I had planned as well as sharing the passion of my life. Despite the occasional hiatus, I can’t not write. And, I can’t not share what I discover about writing. So, I return.

For starters, I am re-energizing this blog and will soon be putting myself on a regular posting schedule. The goal will be two per week, on different topics. I will be posting more writing hints and discussions of the noveling process, as well as sharing some of my works-in-progress. And by connecting my blog, social media, and other pages, I hope to stir new discussion and introduce interested readers to my version of the writing life.

Feel free to ask questions, or to offer suggestions, even before the next post goes up.


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