A Reflection…

Blogging— Writing is hard

My last post was a share of D.W.T. Smith’s post explaining his recent absence from his site, along with his promise that he was back and would resume posting valuable content.

He had perfectly good reasons for being absent and was much more serious in his explanation than I’ve ever been. My explanations amount to “Well, life got in the way again.”

It’s a fact. Life does get in the way of creative work. Not so much in the way of creativity, though. Most of us notice those times when creativity seeks its own outlet, even when writing is impossible. The baking, the building, the singing, the dancing –all episodes of creativity maniacally seeking a way out.

A Writer’s Work is Never Done

The first time I posted this picture, it was as a new header on a section of the blog I had. The section — and the image — were called “A Writer’s Work is Never Done”.

Do any of us really dispute that?

We may finish a piece of writing; and we’re done with that. However, more writing awaits us. It is as if, despite dry spells, creativity is a wellspring that never empties. It continually renews, resurfacing in multiple formats until we pay attention and assist it in manifesting in our lives in some way, shape, or form.

When we are lucky writers, the wellspring spouts up plots and words and characters. Not so lucky? We might get quiche.

I’m just glad the wellspring is there, and that right now, for both D.W.T. Smith and myself, the words are flowing.


How’d it go?

Just a quick word to say that doing a radio show was a different experience for me – especially an inaugural show offered by my former colleagues at  ARRAY Publishing & Marketing, LLC (aka ARRAY Magazine ). Anne Marie Ziegler – the publisher of ARRAY and manager  of its sister magazine Hola! Fayetteville and my good friend, and Anissa Short, marketing director for ARRAY and host of ARRAYdio (now coming to you regularly over the internet at ibroncoradio.com on Saturdays at 2:00 pm) and one very savvy lady – did a wonderful job their first time out of the gate on Saturday.

We reminisced about when I worked for ARRAY, took a look at what they are doing now with radio (and maybe someday TV), and talked about who they partner with (lots of good folk). Then they launched their format. It includes shout-outs to heroes in Fayetteville as well as listing and descriptions of events coming up in the city.  Each week they’ll be covering topics under one of these umbrellas: the city and its development, nonprofits, and the arts, all under the watchful eye of Brian at ibroncoradio.com, a member of ibronco-radio’stalented and helpful crew.

It was great sitting in on ARRAYdio, listening to my friends do what they do best, talk about what’s good and going on in Fayetteville NC. We had a chance to talk about what I do now, and even talk about the future a bit. So, thanks ladies, for the opportunity, and good luck as you continue to march forward, breaking new ground in Fayetteville, and carrying the city into the future with your special brand of promotion.