Omy, omy, Oh My!

It’s getting close and I’m running late, but I may make it anyway.

Meantime, here’s the blurb from the back cover of Remainder:

“We expect the Wilson Touch.”

Wilson Parker has a reputation at Bedlowe Developers. He’s Aaron Bedlowe’s right-hand man for property acquisition. And Aaron wants property. His financial empire rests on his planned communities, and it’s time to place a jewel in the crown of his most recent venture. Aaron’s next target is Remainder, Tennessee, a rural community south of Nashville. And he’s charged Wilson with the task of getting the land he needs.

Parker’s already been in touch with a few people eager to make a buck selling land to the flashy company. One in particular, Ray Boone,has not only offered up his own property but is more than happy to help them find more. Things look good.

But maybe Parker should have spoken with someone besides Ray Boone.

Lyle Cummins, for one – de facto mayor of the unincorporated hamlet his grand-daddy founded. Or Ella Mae Knapp – retired teacher and government employee who understands far more about the world she lives in than many reckon. Or even Marty Jenkins – the wayward country singer/songwriter who enjoys raising his girls in this obscure little place.

If only Parker better understood what he was taking on when he headed down Highway 70…

…then it might not come down to a race
between him and the son of a dying man.


pinetree2 copytrunkGlyph


But now, now,  here comes the rah-rah band, pumping up the editor, bringing buckets of midnight oil, and lots and lots of caffeine.  We may make it yet, folks!

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